Tourism Organisation of Tivat


Tivat is situated in the central part of the Bay of Boka at the foot of Vrmac (710m) the spur of Mount Lovcen which extends to the north-west side of the town. At the opposite side is the Bay of Tivat which is the largest of four bays forming the Bay of Boka. The Bay of Tivat with its exceptional beauty attracts every visitor.

Tivat covers the area of 46km² and the open sea coastline is 5km long. It has the population of 15 000 inhabitants. It lies at longitude 18º 42” east and latitude 42º 26”north.

Tivat coast is lined with attractive marinas, coves and numerous beaches with the surface of 30 000m².

Due to its position in the Bay of Boka, to its coves, peninsula Prevlaka, island of St Mark and well-known beach Plavi horizont Tivat is put on tourist maps as an attractive tourist destination.