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Sport & Recreation

Sport & Recreation

Tivat has become a sports and recreational centre for sportsmen who train throughout theyear , due  to its exceptional climate, sports facilities and the proximity to the airport. This isthe town of football, sailing, tennis and it is the host of numerous important competitions. People who live here play football, jog or swim for relaxation and recreation. There is a widechoice of sports to do and play- bowling, bocce, tennis or basketball. However, if you aremore adventurous, then try out sailing, scuba diving, underwater fishing or sport fishing – Tivat is the right place to do it.

Sports hall “Zupa” 032/672 745

1 km from both the town centre and the airport

It consists of:

large hall for all kinds of indoor ball games with 1000 seats

automatic four-lane bowling alley

small hall for recreational purposes

gym with 15 training simulators

there are also possibilities for other recreational activities (table tennis , billiards …)

Address: ‘’Zupa” bb, Tivat

Bocce hall ” Kalimanj” /bocce sports ground/

Sports fields:

Stadium of FC “Arsenal”, the town’s park

Footsal court, “Dribbling”

Tennis courts, Seljanovo

Bocce courts


In Tivat there are many sports teams: football, basketball, handball, bowling, tennis, water polo, diving, fishing, chess – Club and others.

Football club “Arsenal”

Address: Park bb.Tivat.

Tel: 069-042-406

Tennis Club “Tivat”

Address: Seljanovo bb, Tivat

Tel: 032/675-125; 069-340-260


Handball Club “Boka”

Adresa:Sportska dvorana “Zupa”

Tel: 069-459-666

Women’s Handball Club „Tivat”

Address: Sportska dvorana „Župa”

Tel: 067-562-202; 068 – 170 – 070


K:K: Teodo

Tel: +382 32 675 000

Triathlon Club Tivat

TC “Tivat” was founded on March 10th 2012.after the successful performances of its current individuals in competitions abroad.

Address: Kava bb

Tel/mob: 067 603-306


W.B.C “Mornar”

Women’s Bowling Club was founded in November 2011 within the men’s bowling club Mornar. Its members participated in the World Championship in Hungary for the first time in May 2013.

Address: Sports Hall “Župa”

Tel: 067 505 – 614

Kyokushin karate club „Tivat“

Address: Kalimanj bb, Tivat

Tel: 067-811-708, 068-411-387

Chess club „Mimoza-Tivat“

Address: Kalimanj bb, Tivat

Tel: 067-215-452

Sport and fishing club “Pagar”

Address: Kalimanjska I

Tel: 067 530 677


PBD “Delfin”Tivat

Address: Obala Filipa Miloševića bb,Tivat

Tel: 032/671-377; 674-774


Diving club „Neptun-Mimoza“

Tel: 069-044-225, 069-250-052, 069-348-882


Diving Center “Rose” (Maprenat-Tivat)

Address:Donja Lastva bb,Tivat




Sailing club “Tribelan”

Address: Kalimanj bb, Tivat

Tel: 069-228-751, 068-373-200, 069-910-200

Rugby club “Arsenal”
RC “Arsenal” is the first rugby club founded in Montenegro in November 2012. The club is a member of the rugby union of Montenegro and participates in numerous tournaments in the country, region and Europe. RC “Arsenal” was the first club in Montenegro to participate in the Balkan League, as well as the first club whose players signed contracts with professional clubs in Scotland and France. This year, the project “get in to rugby” has begun. It will last for 8 months. The aim of the project is to enable children to become familiar with this sport, and establishing long-term cooperation between preschool and school institutions – schools and clubs on a territorial principle.

Address: Obala bb, Porto Montenegro


Premović Đorđe, 068 303 205

Bocce clubs

BC „Kalimanjac“, BC „Brđanin“, BC „Palma“ Donja Lastva, BC „Mladost“, BC „Češljar”, BC „Budućnost“, BC „Vrmac“, BC „Napredak“

– BC „Kalimanjac“

– BC „Brđanin“

– BC „Palma“ Donja Lastva

– BC „Mladost“

– BC „Češljar”

– BC „Budućnost“

– BC „Vrmac“

– BC „Napredak“