Tourism Organisation of Tivat

Events in Tivat


‘’Bokelian night“ (‘’Bokeljska noć”) is an event traditionally organized during February by the Bokelian Navy- its branch in Tivat. It is a celebration filled with music and dance. It is a custom that members of the Navy perform the ‘’Bokelian dance“- an authentic, recognizable dance with medieval symbolism. Bokelian night is an important celebration for local people and all the visitors, which offers various contest every year- cultural programme, Bokelian cuisine presentation and art performances. The purpose and the goal of this event is to preserve the prolific tradition of Boka Kotorska.


The carnival is held on a Sunday in February in Donja Lastva. The parade (with disguised people and the carnival mascot doll called ‘’The Carnival’’) traditionally starts from the Seventh quarter, and ends in Donja Lastva, in front of the church of St. Roko. There, the ‘’trial process’’ starts and the carnival doll is ‘’convicted’’ for all the troubles people had to bear the previous year, with no right to appeal. The Town’s Orchestra takes part in this celebration, too, as well as majorettes from different dance clubs.
After the trial is over, the ‘’Offender’’ is burned and the celebration continues in the hotel ‘’Kamelija”. There is a masked ball for children, as well as for adults- the best disguised people (masks) are awarded.
The NGO “Harlekin” organizes the carnival.


 THE BALL IN MARCH – 8th March
The International Women’s Day is celebrated every year. The Association of Women of Tivat organises a ball, in honour of all women.


The purpose of this gastro event is the presentation of Bokelian cuisine. It has been organized for years by the Organization of Women of Tivat and Radio Tivat. Visitors of this festival can taste inventive dishes made of chicory. Chicory is an edible indigenous herb. Quality of dishes is evaluated and awarded by the special group of judges. Best arranged and decorated dishes are also awarded. After awards are given, there is an amusing performance, with music and dance involved. Majorettes and the Town’s orchestra take part in the performance, together with other performers.



Traditional event called ‘’The tourism flower’’ is organized by the Tourism Organization of Tivat, within the celebration ‘’Magnolia days’’. The purpose of this event is to encourage citizens to give their contribution to horticultural decoration of the town, right before the summer season. The event starts in early May. The Evaluation Commission chooses the best candidates.

The winners are chosen in the following categories: The most beautifully decorated and arranged yards, The most beautiful yard in front of a residential- business area, The most beautiful balcony, The most beautiful hedge, The most beautiful magnolia tree, The most original horticultural design etc.

Within the event ‘’Magnolia Days’’, the Tourism Organization of Tivat celebrates special days which are important in the ecological calendar. Those are:
22.04.- The Earth Day
05.06. The World Environment Protection Day
The award ceremony is organized in early June, when the best candidates are awarded in several categories. The ceremony is followed by an interesting cultural programme.


Represents a new cultural and tourist brand of Tivat. This attractive event takes place in June and marks the beginning of the summer season. It evokes positive emotions and gathers numerous carnival groups from around the world. The carnival lasts for three days. Besides the carnival parade and the main performance at Pine, there is also the ball on the water and masquerade ball for the diplomatic corps. Children can enjoy the carnival organised especially for them. NGO Maškarada Tivat organises the carnival, under the patronage of numerous local institutions and sponsors. Amusement is guaranteed.


The Tourism Organization of Tivat organizes various events during summer season. There are gastro evenings combined with folklore and traditional music performances as well as numerous concerts which make summer evenings more magical. Sports evenings are also organized.


The Cultural Center in Tivat organizes the most important cultural event – the festival PURGATORIJE. Purgatorije is an event held in summer season (from mid- June until the end of August). The summer of culture in Tivat has been especially attractive in recent years, due to the fact that visitors of this festival (local and foreign) can see quality theatre plays and performances, most of which are produced by the Cultural Center in Tivat.
The majority of plays are performed on the open air stage, situated in the Buća summer house. Quality local or foreign theatre groups also take part in the festival with their plays, performances, literature evenings, art exhibitions etc. The festival has more and more visitors and becomes more and more popular every year. Tourists who spend their holiday in Tivat leave our town deeply impressed by it and they are certainly happy to return.

For more details about the Cultural Center Tivat adn the programme, see CZK Tivat




Tourist offer in Tivat has been extended, by the introduction of a new event named ‘’The Carob tree festival’’. It is held in mid- July in Donja Lastva and organized by the NGO ‘’Croatian Community”, The Municipality Tivat and the Tourism Organization o Tivat. This event is dedicated to a plant named the carob tree (Ceratonia siliqua- also known as the locust tree) which was used for the production of flour, cakes and brandy. The first carob tree was planted in 1886 by Nina Stjepčević, before she got married and went to the USA. The tree is protected by the Municipality Tivat, due to its environmental value. The festival programme, with the carob tree as a central idea, involves cultural performances. During the festival, visitors enjoy music and food- fried, grilled or salted fish, wine, brandy and deserts made with carob.

This is an interesting, traditional sports event held in Tivat in summer season (July/August). It is attractive (especially to tourists) and unique due to its old game rules. Contestants from other Montenegrin towns take part in the Bocce Olympic Games in Tivat, as well as contestants from foreign countries. In the coastal area, especially in Tivat, bocce is a traditional sport which is becoming more and more popular. It is the oldest sports event held in Tivat.

Street performers festival
28th – 30th July
During this three-day- long festival, streets, piers and squares in Tivat are transformed into stages for musicians, dancers and theatre groups. The festival hosts renowned stand- up comedians, art installations, street art, modern circus representatives, pop and rock musicians and many more.

It is an event attractive to a lot of visitors. No wonder at all, knowing that you can enjoy the best music, the best food and the best folklore dance which will leave you breathless. The event ‘’Delicious flavours of summer’’ is held in various places in the town, during the whole summer. If you want amusement, just visit our restaurants, taverns, or even boats, and you will be delighted with delicious food and pleasant music. This even is a mixture of ‘’good’’ and ‘’better’’- that is, it combines everything that Tivat has to offer to the visitors of Tivat. During this event, you can get familiar with our cuisine, folklore and music- all that in one place.

Souvenirs and crafts fair JULY – AUGUST

Tourism Organisation of Tivat organises the souvenirs fair, in cooperation with souvenirs producers. This fair is held in summer and offers an opportunity for tourists to see the finest handcrafts, made of all types of materials that could be found in this area. It is also an opportunity for them to feel Montenegrin tradition.

Wine and traditional products fair JULY – AUGUST
Montenegrin and regional wine producers display their products during this fair. Small wineries also take part, combining their quality wines with authentic local cuisine and traditional dishes.

Bokelian olive JULY – AUGUST
The purpose of this event is to promote local products and provide fun for both citizens and tourists. The participants are olive oil producers, as well as producers of products based on olive (beauty products, soap bars, souvenirs), prosciutto, cheese, wine, honey…



Celebrations in Lastva are traditionally organized in August, in Gornja Lastva, by the Cultural Heritage Association ‘’Napredak’’ (Progress) and the Cultural Center Tivat. The main celebration takes place on the first Saturday of the month, and the celebration involves: cultural events and programmes, as well as the Bokelian Navy dance (with Music and educational society ‘’Tivat’’).
Numerous local and foreign guests visit Lastva during these celebrations. Then, they enjoy listening to local traditional music from Lastva and watching traditional dance from Lastva, Dobrota and Škaljari.
Celebrations in Lastva include a very interesting programme. The programme includes ‘’Evenings at the mill’’- an event dedicated to traditional way of singing in Boka and Dalmacija. Furthermore, visitors can visit the art exhibitions and see the paintings of artists from Tivat. The goal of these celebrations is to preserve and cherish the cultural heritage of Boka Kotorska and Tivat.


Tivat world music festival
Tivat World music festival is the first music event of this kind in Montenegro. During the festival, visitors can enjoy listening to ethno sounds from different parts of the world. Bands performing in this festival also present gastro offer from their countries.


Days of culture in November
This event is organized by the Municipality Tivat, with the aim to celebrate the 21st November, the Municipality Day. Exhibitions, literature evenings, theatre plays and concerts are organized during the whole month, within the regular winter schedule of the Cultural Center Tivat.


New Year’s Bazaar
Traditional charity bazaar is organized in late December. The exhibited products are sold at low prices, while all the money is given to charity.

Waiting for the Santa Clause
The Tourism organisation Tivat organizes a special programme for the youngest audience, celebrating the upcoming New Year’s Eve with a lot of sweets given out to the children.

The two Christmases 24th DECEMBER – 8th JANUARY
Tivat hosts numerous events between Catholic and Orthodox Christmas, starting from 24th December, until 8th of January.

New Year’s Eve- 31st DECEMBER – 02nd JANUARY
You can celebrate New Year’s Eve either in numerous restaurants or at the town’s seafront. Pine. Famous local and international performers entertain numerous visitors of Tivat. The celebration includes both local and international pop and rock music performers.