Tourism Organisation of Tivat

Local taxes

tivat boravisna

When entering in Montenegro every tourist is required to apply within 24 h. Local tax for adults is 0.90 cents per day, children under 12 years do not pay tax, children from 12-18 years, half of the fee, which amounts to 0,45 cents. At the cost of tax is added to the application itself and the amount of travel which is 1.00 euro for a total period of stay.

People who own their property, are also obliged to report and make a list of real estate thus proving ownership, except in this case exempt from paying the tax, pay only application which is 1.00 euro for the entire stay. In the case of possession of the property, only the closest family members (father, mother, son, daughter, brother, sister) do not pay tax, and all other relatives, friends and godparents are required to pay 0.90 per day.