Tourism Organisation of Tivat

Future projects

  • On the land located between the hotel “Palma” and cafe restaurant “Lungo mare”, the company “Oliva invest”, which has its headquarters in Tivat plans to build hotels, villas of 900 square meters.
  • The first condo hotel in Tivat, “Regent” in the marina Porto Montenegro, due to open this summer.
  • According to the investors to build hotels, villas “Qatari Diar” in the bay Pržna and “Boka Group” on a former farm on which builds a golf course.
  • Podgorica-based company “Stadion” received from the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism urban-technical conditions for the construction of five-star hotels in Tivat, “Vali Zagreb” in 1941 where he sunk a destroyer “Zagreb”, that is in the grip of the State Location Study “Kalardovo, Island of flowers, Brdišta “. It is envisaged that an area of ​​9,049 square meters built hotel GF + 4, gross construction area of ​​7,239 square meters. Five-star hotel will have 36 rooms, or 72 beds.
  • The relevant ministry is urban-technical conditions previously issued by the construction company “Tradeunique Montenegro” from Budva, which plans to build a hotel and holiday village is also in the “Vali Zagreb”, or the location Dančulovina, as opposed to the location where the company will “stadium” build hotel . Budva company has a significantly higher complex where, according to UTU also build five-star hotel and facilities with total area of ​​26,235 square meters. In addition the facility provides for the construction of two tourist settlements with annexes and rent villas capacities by 24 and 37 units. The total gross area of ​​the first settlement amount to 5,819 square meters, and another 8,931 square. The hotel will have a capacity of 109 units, and its number of floors of the ground floor with four floors.