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At Tivat Riviera the sea is clean and the air is refreshingly mild. Due to its favorable climactic conditions and geographical position, Tivat is rich in horticultural potential. Apart from various local Mediterranean vegetation there are also a number of exotic plants which were brought by seamen from all over the world. Various plants such as magnolia, golden wattle, camellia, oleander, agave, bougainvillea, eucalyptus have acclimatized here well because of the climate.

MAGNOLIJA (grand flora- from the Magnolia family) is an evergreen tree which was brought from North America to Europe in 1737. According to some geological research the ancestor of magnolia existed 80-100 million years ago. It has nice pyramidal tree, smooth and shiny upper side of leaves and hairy and reddish lower side of leaves. This variety of magnolia has very big fragrant flowers with 10-12 petals and red stamen and it can be 12m high. It blooms in May. The flower of magnolia is a flower symbol of Tivat.

MIMOZA (acacia dealbata) is an evergreen tree and was brought to Mediterranean from Australia. It belongs to Mimosaceae family. It has well-develop tree top and it grows up to 14 m. It has bilateral pinnate leaves and golden yellow grape-like flowers. The flower has distinctive fragrance. It usually blooms from January to March.

AGAVA (agava americana) was brought in 1561 from the east of Mexico. It has acclimatized so well that it has become a part of Mediterranean landscape. It blooms only once between the 10th and 20th year of age depending on climate. After blooming the plant withers but a new one sprouts from the roots. The flower comes from the centre of the plant rising for several meters.

BUGENVILIJA (bougenvillea) – known as bogumila is one of the most beautiful climbing plants. It originates from Brazil. It can be seen at many balconies, facades, walls etc. The blooming period is very long even more than five months. The flowers appear at the end of leafless shoots with beautiful showy red and purple bracts. It can grow up to 7 m.

KAMELIJA (camellia japonica – from tea family) is ornamental evergreen shrub plant from Japan and China. It has rose like flowers in different shades of white red or pink and it blooms from December to April.