Tourism Organisation of Tivat



Tivat with its tourist, cultural and sports offer can satisfy the choosiest guest. That can be experienced at the sea, meeting the wind rose, ‘’Lady of the smile”-in Verige, at one of Tivat’s islands, at Prevlaka, at picturesque fishermen villages along Djurasevici coast, Gornja or Donja Lastva or Radovici and the Bay of Traste.

Fishermen villages Kakrc and Bjelila can be visited by boat as well as the island Lady of Grace. There is a Roman sacrificial altar dedicated to the goddess Juno in the church.

The village of Gornja Lastva, preserved rural area, is at 300m above sea-level. Old stone houses, lanes and borders in the shade of olives, beautiful baroque church dedicated to Our Lady , olive mill and unique view at Tivat archipelago is only one-hour walk from the town centre.

Prevlaka with remains of St Michael monastery, which was the seat of the Bishop of Zeta until the 14th century, can be reached by sea or by land and it is situated in the vicinity of Tivat Airport.

Njegusi and Cetinje, 33km i.e. 55km from Tivat, where you can have a first-hand experience of authentic places from Montenegrin history, Petrovic dynasty and royal capital of Montenegro. Jezerski vrh, mountaintop of Mount Lovcen, 20km from Cetinje with Njegos mausoleum work of the sculptor Ivan Mestrovic.

Kotor, only 8 km from Tivat, is the settlement almost 2000 years old. It is representative example of the medieval fortified town with numerous squares, churches and palaces. It is under the protection of UNESCO.

Lady of Skrpjela, an artificial island where the church dedicated to Our Lady was built. It is decorated with painting by our most famous baroque painter Tripo Kokolja. Every year on 22nd July the people from Prcanj and Boka throw stones into the sea, preserving the tradition of ‘’fasinade”, how this unique island was originally created. Perast, a barouque town, whose maritime history and importance has surpassed its size.

Cruising around the Bay of Boka, visiting Tivat’s islands Prevlaka, St Mark, Lady of Grace, fishermen villages Rose, Zanjic beach, Herceg Novi Riviera, as well as island Lady of Skrpjela, St George and town of Kotor.

Apart from a number of excursions around the Bay of Boka, tourist during their stay can also visit other interesting destinations such as Tara canyon, Ostrog Monastery, Mount Durmitor …