Tourism Organisation of Tivat


Tourist Organization of Tivat (TOT) was founded in 2004 according to the Law on tourist organizations. It aims at accomplishing the public interest in relation to tourism.

The main goals of TOT are to:

  • Advance and promote the authentic values of the territory for which it was founded;
  • Create the conditions for exploitation of tourist resources of Tivat Municipality;
  • Stimulate, coordinate and organize cultural, artistic, entertaining, business and sports events and other events that enrich the range of tourist offer;
  • Stimulate the increase of tourist turnover in those parts of the Municipality with insufficient tourist turnover ;
  • Stimulate and organize activities aiming at protection and preservation of the tourist space and environment and cultural heritage ;
  • Provide services and information to tourists;

Other activities in order to promote tourist product and improvement of tourist offer at the territory of Tivat Municipality.

Tourist Organization of Tivat Municipality, as a local tourist organization, has its own revenue from tourist taxes, contributions from all legal entities carrying on a business at the territory of Tivat Municipality, Municipality Budget, loans and other.

The bodies of the Organizations are:

  • Assembly
  • Executive committee
  • Steering committee
  • President

TOT has an operational service run by the director. It also has Tourist Information Bureau that can provide services such as:

  • Provide information to tourists  in relation to accommodation, their stay and  current events;
  • Registration and monitoring of tourist turnover;
  • Reception and registration of tourists;
  • Meeting study groups, foreign and domestic reporters.

In short this is TOT and if you decide to have business contacts in Tivat, do not hesitate to contact us because we can be your reliable partner.